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Cross Lake Swim, Moon/Star Gazing, Hike/Tarn Swim, Wild Swim Kailpot, Endless Pool, Winter Swim or Intro to Open Water
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By signing this form you (and others in your group)  have agreed to the following conditions of entry, and by signing you understand that wild swimming is not without risks and you therefore accept these risks and are happy to take part. 

It is recommended that you obtain your own insurance to cover any accident or injury that may occur:

You should be a confident swimmer and in good physical condition as Open Water Swimming can involve:

  • Swimming out of one’s depth
  • Swimming in cold water
  • Swimming in waves

Each participant must wear a tow-float throughout the swim. This is a safety precaution to help visibility in the water, however, it is not a life saving device and cannot be treated as such.


  • Jumping and diving into water can be dangerous and will always have some risk, your guide will instruct and demonstrate how to do this as safely as possible. 
  • You must not jump or dive into water without following the advice of the guide.  
  • Jumping or diving into the water may aggravate pre-existing or underlying medical issues and Ullswater Swim Place cannot be held liable for injuries occurred. 

MEDICAL: Open water is a strenuous exercise. To avoid any doubt in your health and fitness, you should undertake a medical check-up. If you have been ill or have experienced a change in your wellbeing or physical state such as pregnancy, please consult a doctor.

Although Ullswater is generally a clean body of water, unforeseen circumstances can lead to pollution and a Blue Green Algae which Colin Hill Swims cannot be held liable for any sickness due to water quality.  

A) Colin Hill Swims has the right to alter any promoted swim route depending on the prevailing wind direction.
B) Colin Hill Swims has the right to cancel any session due to adverse weather

Ullswater Swim Place may take photos during your adventure, please check box to agree.
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